Wikileaks: The Iraq War Logs

The big news this week is the release of 391,832 secret records that cover the U.S.’ Iraq War between 2004 and 2009, now being hailed as the biggest leak of official documents in history (that might be questionable, but certainly the most publicly accessible leak of that size). The logs can be accessed here:

Wikileaks teamed up with several news organizations, more this time than with the Afghan War Diary. You can find each organization’s dedicated pages below (Le Monde, at the time of writing, appeared to be the only one not to have a special Iraq War logs section), ranked in order of descending preference:

Since the media partners with an inside edge on analyzing the original documents will likely retain the monopoly in terms of most meaningful and useful reports, here are some of the first ones to be released that we recommend:

  1. Iraq Body Count: “Iraq War Logs: What the numbers reveal
  2. Iraq Body Count: “Iraq War Logs: The truth is in the details
  3. Iraq Body Count: “Iraq War Logs: Context
  4. BBC News: “Huge Wikileaks release shows US ‘ignored Iraq torture’
  5. Der Spiegel: “The WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Greatest Data Leak in US Military History
  6. Der Spiegel: “The WikiLeaks Disclosures: New Dimensions in the Iraq War
  7. CNN: “WikiLeaks redacted more information in latest documents release
  8. BIJ: “Pentagon response to publication of the war logs
  9. BIJ: “US soldier fires shots for fun
  10. BIJ: “US Apache guns down surrendering insurgents
  11. BIJ: “US troops ordered not to investigate Iraqi torture
  12. BIJ: “Hundreds of civilians gunned down at checkpoints
  13. BIJ: “Obama administration handed over detainees despite reports of torture
  14. BIJ: “Iraqi civilians used as minesweepers by a US soldier

About Maximilian C. Forte

I am a professor of anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. My areas of research and teaching interest are centered in Political Anthropology, with a focus on imperialism, neoliberalism and globalization, nationalism, democracy, and the international political economy of knowledge production.
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5 Responses to Wikileaks: The Iraq War Logs

  1. adamvasco says:

    Your links to the above need fixing

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  3. Synonymous says:

    Impressive assortment of links there! Some great reading, have you been keeping up with Wikileaks and their latest releases of the US diplomatic cables (Cablegate)? I am very interested in the reaction from the hard core “Hacktivists” and “Cyber Anarchists” in defense of Wikileaks. I’d also like to know to what extent Wikileaks has influenced these recent Arabic Revolutions threatening to go global! 2011 promises to be a defining moment of not just the Eleventies, but of the 21st century!

  4. entropy90 says:

    Very useful article.

    I wrote an post about the Anonymous group and the Opsafewinter event. Feel free to have a look, I’m looking forward to read your opinion.

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