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Taleban Don’t Twitter

“The Taliban in recent months has developed increasingly sophisticated and nimble propaganda tactics that have alarmed U.S. officials struggling to curb the militant group’s growing influence across Afghanistan. U.S. officials and Afghan analysts say the Taliban has become adept at … Continue reading

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Digital Activism versus Traditional Activism

One may suspect that a lot of confusion might be avoided in debates such as those listed at the bottom if those participating in the debates chose to compare like with like. Digital activism is a communication activity. Digital activism … Continue reading

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Online Activism Around the World, CFP2009

A 2009 panel on Digital Activism Around the World, for the “Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference” in 2009 — see: http://www.cfp2009.org/wordpress/. more about “Online Activism Around the World“, posted with vodpod

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Social media and the myth of techno-utopia

TV Ontario, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, aired this episode on 24 February 2010, featuring debate around issues of cyber activism, digital resistance, and authoritarianism. more about “Social media and the myth of techno-utopia“, posted with vodpod

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Authoritarian Regimes Coopting the Internet

From TV Ontario’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Evgeny Morozov on how authoritarian regimes co-opt the internet to suppress freedom. more about “Authoritarian Regimes Coopting the Internet“, posted with vodpod

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The Internet and Iranian Activism: Morozov v. Shirky

Why the internet is failing Iran’s activists « Prospect Magazine Evgeny Morozov 5th January 2010  —  Issue 166 Clay Shirky is wrong to be upbeat about how technology is boosting Iran’s democracy movement. If anything, it’s helping the regime crack … Continue reading

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